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Computer Chip Jewelry

Jewelry and Other Items Hand Made From Recycled Computer Parts

1984 to Present Day

We started out in the 1970's making novelty items from natural materials found in the woods, and sold these items at farmer's markets and craft shows. In the 1980's our business expanded to supplying electronic components to the hobby and commercial markets. In 1984 we converted the electronic parts business to a line of computer chip jewelry products by re-utilizing our inventory of old parts for a different purpose. We later expanded the product line to include accessories and other technical items.

Why Us?

Our Computer Chip Jewelry items come from donated equipment that we have disassembled, carefully cut and fashioned to fit into or onto materials, some imaged, and most are coated with an epoxy resin to preserve the components and protect the wearer/user. Some items appear in their natural form, some represent technology related items, and other items are an artistic representation of various technologies to achieve the desired look. We have also taken "Best In Show" at several juried craft fairs in the past few years.

We produce beautiful and unique gifts that are sure to stimulate conversation and/or bring back nostalgic memories of the good old days when electronic & computer technology was just beginning.

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